1-to-1 with IELTS Examiner


We offer two options: live24 is a 24-hour course to improve scores by one whole test band; live6 is a six-hour course to practise strategies for a test soon. Both courses are taught by former IELTS examiners and include self-study materials: videos, writing tasks, and model answers. You also receive free full access to the British Council’s Road to IELTS online platform (worth $159), containing quality eBooks, tutorial videos, 18 computer-based practice tests for reading, writing, and listening, and a study planner: watch introductory video below. Contact us to request a trial. Courses can be taught to groups of up to four friends, if you prefer to share classes.


Be coached to improve your overall test band by one whole band score. According to IELTS’ own estimates, this takes more than 150 hours of self-study and class time. In this course, a detailed study plan will be created which is tailored to your specific learning needs. We choose the most suitable self-study materials for you and coach you through the whole process with live classes. This course is typically taught over a three to six-month period but could be delivered over an intensive period of four weeks.

  • 24 hours of live 1-to-1 teaching
  • classes with IELTS examiner
  • 150+ hours of self-study materials
  • receive video recordings of class
  • email support throughout course


Be coached to prepare for an upcoming test. Six hours of live classes will focus on introducing examination strategies for the speaking, writing, reading and listening tests. The course content will vary according to your needs, but often learners prefer to focus on speaking in class, particularly improving fluency, pronunciation, and rhythm. Writing tasks are completed for homework and reviewed thoroughly in class. This course may be spread over a period of six weeks or completed in two to five days

  • 6 hours of live 1-to-1 teaching
  • classes with IELTS examiner
  • 150+ hours of self-study materials
  • speaking test in each class
  • receive video recordings of class

IELTS Writing by Email


writingonline is designed to improve your writing by one whole band score and starts with a live 1-to-1 class. The course is a correspondence course: you complete writing IELTS tasks (1 and 2) and email them to your tutor. The tutor then returns detailed feedback (see below), models answers, and additional exercises. This package also includes Road to IELTS, (worth $159), containing 100+ hours of online activities and official test practice: watch the introductory video below. Note: apart from the 30-minute, introductory class, there is no other live teaching.


This course can be taken intensively over a two-week period or spread over several months.

  • 30-minute, 1-to-1 starter class
  • feedback on 12 IELTS writing tasks
  • feedback within 36 hours
  • full access to Road to IELTS
  • video lectures, models and exercises

1-to-1 duolingo Preparation


What is the duolingo test? It’s an online test of general English which predicts your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. The test can be completed at home, costs $49, takes less than an hour to do, and you receive results within 48 hours. The entire test is computer-scored and computer adaptive. This means it adjusts to your language level. After the first five tasks, the computer decides the most suitable level for the next task it give you.

How else is it different from IELTS? IELTS is advertised as a test of ‘academic English’. This means candidates have to actually perform a range of academic tasks, for example analysing graphs, reading long academic texts, and writing essays. IELTS is therefore assessing language and academic skills. In contrast, the duolingo English test is an assessment of language competency only.

How to try it? Go to the ‘duolingo English Test’ website and try a short version for free. The website also includes charts which compares duolingo scores to IELTS bands.



This course is ideal if you are planning to take the duolingo English test soon. It consists of six hours of live classes with Jim and will introduce test strategies for speaking, writing, and all other question formats. Live classes will typically focus on speaking, with a particular focus on improving your fluency, pronunciation, and rhythm. You complete writing tasks for homework, and these are reviewed in class. This course could be spread over a period of six weeks or completed in three to five days. Course can also be taught to groups of up to four friends, if you prefer to share classes.

  • 6 hours of live 1-to-1 teaching
  • practise exam strategies
  • practise speaking in class
  • complete writing for homework
  • practise pronunciation and rhythm
  • guided self-study and homework
  • receive video recordings of classes